E-Learning & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

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December 26, 2018
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E-Learning localization is the hardest task in foreign-language multimedia. If a project workflow doesn’t account for every element in a course, production budgets can increase drastically and builds can end up with both linguistic and functional bugs. It’s critical to set up e-Learning projects properly – and that starts with a rigorous quoting process.

This post provides JBI Studios’ E-Learning, Audio & Video Localization Quote Checklist, an easy-to-use table to help you get a quick, accurate and comprehensive quote for your e-Learning projects.

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Why is e-Learning localization so complex?

E-Learning courses can contain just about any kind of media. Most courses are based on text and images animated directly in a program like Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. These sequences are then usually synchronized to a voice-over audio narration. However, course authors can also embed videos, captions/subtitles, metadata and code strings right into their courses. In fact, developers have a huge degree of control over the complexity of each slide. This all means that two courses with a similar look and duration can require very different amounts of multimedia localization work.



Thorough prep is critical to e-Learning audio & video localization

Aside from content complexity, a checklist is necessary to catalog the different services required for each course, which can include voice-over recording, graphics re-work, video localization like dubbing or subtitling, DTP and even coding. Each of these elements requires its own distinct workflow, and all these workflows must be coordinated into a comprehensive project timeline. A thorough checklist is critical to ensuring that all these course elements are addressed before project start.

And of course, it will help you avoid the back-and-forth that can happen during many multimedia localization projects.

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