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With professional captions & subtitles from JBI Localization.

JBI Localization guarantees the quality and accuracy of all its captioning and subtitling projects. How do we do this? Our 25 years experience in captioning & subtitling means we understand deliverable requirements and industry standards.

Multimedia Localization Experts

Unlike self-service websites and low-cost vendors, JBI Localization is a professional post-production studio based in Los Angeles.

That means you can speak to a real person. 

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Display any linguistic content in a foreign language.

Dialog, voice-over narration, titles, or in-camera text like street signs or newspaper headlines is translated into over 140 languages.

Closed Captioning

Display any audible content.

Usually in the same language as the original, they include sound effects or music to make any audio accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers.


Serving studios & Fortune 500 companies


Corporate & e-Learning Videos

Quality, convenience & full service
Expertise with corporate requirements
Full integration with e-Learning software
Linguistic accuracy & rigorous quality assurance
Expertise with legal & medical content


Corporate & e-Learning Videos

Reliability and on-time delivery
Deliverable standards expertise
Full integration with broadcast media systems
On-site testing and rigorous quality assurance
15 years of satisfied clients in Los Angeles

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)

Reach your entire international audience,
with subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing from JBI Localization.

Subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH) combines subtitles and captions content into one deliverable, then translates it to make content available to foreign-language viewers who are deaf or hearing-impaired. The service is quickly becoming an accessibility requirement in various locales around the world, and a best practice for international broadcast and OTT releases.

Serve your audience and comply with local accessibility requirements –
it’s a win-win for your video localization.

Subtitles Delivery Options

Burned-In Open Subtitles
Video File Deliverables

  • MP4
  • Quicktime MOV
  • FLV/F4V
  • WMV
  • AVI
  • SWF

Embedded to Video

  • Quicktime MOV
  • MP4

Online Distribution Channels

  • YouTube
  • SRT
  • LRC
  • CAP
  • SAMI
  • RT
  • VTT
  • SCC
  • STL
  • TDS
  • CIN
  • ASC
  • CAP
  • Amazon
  • SRT
  • STL
  • SCC
  • XML
  • TTML
  • ITT
  • Vimeo
  • SRT
  • WebVTT
  • SCC
  • SAMI
  • JW-Player
  • WebVTT
  • SRT
  • TTML
  • JW-Player
  • WebVTT
  • SRT
  • TTML
  • Brightcove
  • WebVTT
  • Flash-based DFPX
  • TTML
  • Netflix
  • TTML
  • SAMI
  • HTML5-based
  • WebVVT
  • Wistia
  • SRT
  • Hulu
  • SAMI

Editing Timelines

  • Avid – Avid DS, EBU STL
  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere – TXT, FAB & TIFFs
  • Final Cut Pro – XML, XML with graphics

DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring

  • Sonic Scenarist – SCC, TXT & TIFFs
  • Adobe Encore – TXT, FAB & TIFFs
  • Avid DVD – TXT, Avid DS
  • Sony DVD Architect – TXT
  • Sony Blu-Print – XML & PNGs
  • DVD Studio Pro – STL, SON, TXT, SCR
  • Spruce Maestro – SON, STL

Alpha Channel Video

  • Quicktime ProRes – matching client video specs

Text & Graphics Solutions

  • Text & graphics combinations available per integration requirements.

Broadcast Captioning Packages

  • SCC
  • MCC
  • AAF
  • CAP
  • TDS
  • WebVTT

Digital Cinema Packages

  • DLP Cinema XML

Digital Video Broadcasting

  • CEA-708 compliant
  • DVB-Teletext

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Why Choose JBI Localization?

  • Proficiency with broadcast & OTT specs
  • Customized e-Learning integration solutions
  • Scalability for large, multilingual projects
  • Rigorous linguistic review of all translations
  • Stringent technical testing for all deliverables
  • Accuracy & linguistic quality – guaranteed
  • Focus on quality, service & convenience
  • One point-of-contact for your project
  • Los Angeles studios – we’re just a call away