Talent Casting

International multimedia localization studio offering casting services
in over 80 languages

Casting for Corporate & Entertainment Applications

Your voice talents are amazing. Don’t settle for less when you localize.

Casting is the hardest part of foreign-language production. 

How do you know which talents your international audience will love?

How do you get a real native speaker, not someone with a little fluency?

How do you make sure a talent will be a pro in the booth or on set?

By casting through JBI Localization.

At JBI Localization, your audio & video are performed by professional,  native-speaking voice-over talents & artists, rigorously tested in our studio.


Guaranteed native fluency – saving your sessions & shoot days, and avoiding ADR costs.

Professional actors with studio and on-set experience – no missed marks or issues in the booth.

Peace of mind that you’re sourcing the best talents in Los Angeles & around the world

Casting for Signature Voices

Brand Voices & Marketing Spot Talents

Your brand needs an ambassador.

Few artists have the right voice – let alone the professional experience and studio technique – to be the spokesperson for your brand, company or product. At JBI, we’ll cast a voice that delights your audience, increases their engagement, and bolsters your brand.

Find the right voice for your locale – in over 50 languages.


Professional talents with thousands of studio hours.

Tested for consistent tone & pace, and for accuracy reading long scripts.

Talents with excellent microphone technique and overall professionalism.

Bilingual Studio Directors

Keep your productions on scope, on budget & on time.

Many studios record sessions with just a studio engineer recording and directing. So why not do the same for foreign-language recordings?

Because having a professional, bilingual director in the studio is the only way to ensure the quality and accuracy of an audio or video translation project.

JBI’s staff of professional studio directors are the key to your project’s success.


Ensure overall consistency and quality during recording & shooting.

Catch talent mistakes during production, drastically lowering QA & follow-on costs.

The interface between English-speaking clients and native foreign-language speaking talents.

Keep your production on track, avoiding unexpected overage fees and pick-ups.


Why Cast With JBI?

  • We guarantee the native fluency of every on-camera and voice-over talent.
  • Screening for tone, diction, & general professionalism.
  • On-camera actors with set experience & training.
  • Full studio support for custom voice-over & on-camera auditions.
  • A single point-of-contact for all communications.
  • Bilingual directors to keep your productions on track and ensure accuracy.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing you’re getting the best native talents from Los Angeles & around the world.