Video Dubbing

High-quality, turnkey video localization solutions for broadcast and corporate content
in over 80 languages

Corporate Video Dubbing

Not sure where to start? JBI can help.

Our producers will help you find the voice-over solution that’s right for your video. Then we’ll direct you through the casting, studio recording, quality control, final mix & delivery.

You get a high-quality localized video that’s ready to go to market.

A Video Localization & Post-Production

Studio You Can Trust


A multimedia localization industry veteran of 25 years. Proprietary workflows to ensure quality & accuracy.


Large language set? Long content scope? International partners & in-house team allow project scalability.


JBI delivers on time and on spec. Full quality assurance of all localized audio & video materials.


Client-centered production with one point-of-contact to oversee the entire production of your project.

Off-Screen Voice-Over (Narration)

The industry-standard for your corporate multimedia, tutorials & marketing videos. The voice is off-camera, but audio translations are timed to animations, titles, or specific activities.


The go-to solution for your corporate interviews, client testimonials, CEO communiqués & news footage. Translated voice-over starts 1-2 seconds after the original audio.

Voice & Dialogue Replacement

A cost-effective solution for e-Learning scenarios, corporate presentations & informational videos. The foreign-language voice starts & ends at the same time as the original audio, but there is no synchronization to lip movements.

Lip-Sync Dubbing

A high-quality solution for your e-Learning scenarios, corporate films, commercials & online marketing spots. Replaces each speaker’s voice with corresponding foreign-language audio, matching performance, pace & lip movements.

Expert Localization for All Types of Content

Fortune 500 companies, e-Learning developers, studios, and marketing firms all trust JBI. Why?

Because we offer a streamlined and cost-effective localization solution tailored to your specifications to your video content, everything from CEO videos to feature films and social media promos.


Extensive brand talent pools & premium casting,

Secured assets management via our servers,

Translation & transcreation expertise for multiple locales


Bilingual voice director oversee every recording session,

Studio equipped with ProTools HD and Source Connect,

Pronunciation guidelines & Quality Control review.


Video Editing (Adobe Premiere, AVID, Final Cut Pro),

Motion Graphics (After Effects, Motion) & 3D Rendering,

Audio Editing, Sweetening & Mixing (2.0, 5.1, or 7.1 mix).

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JBI guarantees the quality & native fluency of every production.

Why Choose JBI Localization?


Reliable localization partner.
Over 25 years serving clients from our Los Angeles studios and worldwide partners. Thousands of hours delivered on time & to stringent specifications.


Over 50 languages dubbed. Database of 2,500 native-speaker actors & corporate narrators. Bilingual voice directors for all recording sessions. Rigorous quality control on all productions.



Full-service, turnkey localization. Ability to scale for large multilingual & rush projects. Single dedicated point-of-contact. Commitment to customer service. Guaranteed high quality & accuracy.

Dubbing for Films, TV Shows & Web Series

You work tirelessly to create thrilling, high-quality entertainment content.

JBI reproduces that quality for an international audience.

Just send us your feature film or TV series – we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us for samples of localized corporate videos, e-Learning scenarios,
films, documentaries, TV shows, animations & web series.

Feature Film, TV Show & Web Series Dubbing

Broadcast-quality lip-sync dubbing for theatrical, broadcast & OTT distribution. Dubbing actor pools in over 50 languages. Scalability for multiple seasons and back catalogue projects.

Documentary Dubbing & UN-Style

Focus on translation accuracy, sensitivity to subject, sourcing difficult languages, multilingual translation & customized workflows for special projects.

Dubbing for Animation & Cartoons

Animated features, kids’ shows & cartoons require a different type of performance. Our animation dubbing artists bring your shows to life for an international audience.

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Over 25 years of high-quality broadcast dubbing –
delivered on time, on scope & to specification.