Multilingual Video Production

International multimedia localization studio offfering video production
in over 80 languages

Cost-Effective Video Shoots in Over 50 Languages

Video content is a critical element in any company’s business strategy.

International corporations are expected to produce high-quality videos for each one of their audience and workplace locales. E-Learning developers know that some subjects, like sexual harassment or workplace discrimination training, are best taught through dramatized scenario videos. And with the advent of highly-customizable online streaming and social media, marketers are scrambling to create the suites of multilingual videos required for successful campaigns.

That’s where JBI Localization comes in.

We offer turnkey video solutions from our green-screen sound stage in Los Angeles, so that you can shoot your source video and any localized versions as part of the same production – lowering costs and shortening timelines.

Native fluency, accuracy & technical excellence – that’s JBI Localization.


Advantages of Green-Screen Video Production

Green-screen is a cost-effective solution for multilingual shoots. Why? Because you don’t have to rent multiple locations or sets. All content is shot on our green-screen sound stage, then integrated to localized stock backgrounds during the editing.

That means that localization producers have two main ways to minimize multilingual shoot costs:

1. Shoot multiple setups on the same set.

2. Shoot multiple languages on the same day.

Instructional Video

E-learning Scenario

French (France)

English (US)

Professional Digital Studios in Los Angeles

Our facilities in Los Angeles are set up specifically for high-quality, foreign-language audio & video localization services, which are expected by our clients around the world. They include two in-house recording studios, multi-platform in-house video editing suites & a green-screen soundstage.


The JBI Difference

  • Voice-over talents screened for native accent, tone, diction & overall professionalism.
  • A single project manager to oversee entire production, from assets to delivery.
  • A native-speaking professional voice-over director to supervise each session.
  • A native-speaking QA editor to inspect all recordings for accuracy.
  • Rigorous post-production and file renaming processes.
  • Proprietary script formatting apps and pronunciation standards