Translation & Linguistic

International multimedia localization studio offering translation and linguist services
in over 80 languages

Customized Language Services Solution

You need a one-stop solution for your corporate localization project, marketing roll-out, e-Learning course, or content distribution.

JBI Localization can help.

Need a copywriter, director or film crew – in any language? Don’t know where to start with your webinar that has to go to Japan? Need to prepare a feature film for international distribution – or add audio description and captioning?

Audio & Video Translation


JBI offers two professional workflows for audio & video localization:

– Ask us for a referral to one of our audio translation partners, source your video or audio translation through them, and come back to us for the professional voice recording, voice-over, video dubbing or subtitling.

– Use JBI as a full-service provider. We resource premium-quality audio translations from our linguists with media expertise. After you approve the translations, we record the audio and mix, integrate subtitles, or finalize your e-Learning courses.

In-Studio Interpretation


Large suite of videos – and a looming deadline?

In-Studio Interpretation is the fastest and most cost-effective solution for video translation into foreign languages. It’s particularly good for corporate, governmental, educational, informational and academic content.

The interpreter translates your video “on-the-fly” in any language that you need. Then JBI’s engineers mix and marry to your videos. You get professional-quality localized content that reaches your global audience quickly and cost-effectively.

The JBI Difference

  • Custom-Built Localization Solutions
  • Premium Casting for Brand Voices
  • One Project Manager per Project
Additional Localization Services
  • Broadcast-Quality Recording Studios
  • Directors for All Recording Sessions
  • Linguistic Review of All Localized Content
  • Premium Video Game & App Recording
  • Online, TV & Radio Spot Expertise
  • Broadcast-Quality Dubbing for Movies (9)