The Top Voice-Over, Dubbing, Subtitling & E-Learning Posts of 2018

What You Must Know for Documentary Dubbing & Subtitling Localization
December 19, 2018
E-Learning & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)
January 2, 2019

2018 is almost over, so it’s time to look at the greatest hits of the year on the JBI Studios Blog – the most-read posts about voice-over, dubbing, subtitling and e-Learning localization. Our readers flocked to our analyses of new media challenges, as well as to our how-to’s on the basics of multimedia localization production. And in all, the list reflects the rapid industry growth of the past year.

Here they are – the 5 most-read posts of 2018 on the JBI Studios Blog.

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# 5 
The Challenges of Virtual Reality Video Localization & Accessibility


Virtual reality content (aka, 360-degree video) is still a challenge to accessibility and video localization. While there isn’t a set standard yet, research led by the BBC and YouTube’s early implementation of captioning are both promising starts. But challenges still abound – meaning that this post is valuable to anyone localizing these videos.

# 4
What You Need to Know for Captioning & Subtitling in Indian Languages


As India grows economically, so do localization requests for the various languages spoken in this country, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and Kannada. No wonder, then, that readers flocked to a post on subtitling for this locale.

# 3
What Is Audio Sample Rate? Does It Affect Voice-Over Localization? (Yes!)


Our best posts come from client questions about voice-over and dubbing production. This one’s no exception. It contains just the right amount of information so multimedia localization professionals can pick the right audio sample rate for their deliverables.

What 2018 Will Mean for Voice-Over, Dubbing & Subtitling Localization


2018 started out with a lot of movement in the multimedia localization industry, especially in the social media video space. Readers came to this post to get a sense of what to expect in the year ahead – and how to prepare for it. 

# 1
What’s the Difference Between SRT & WebVTT in Captioning & Subtitling?


Captioning and subtitling are ubiquitous in online media, and a critical element in the rise of video localization and accessibility worldwide. And of course, SRT and WebVTT deliverables have become the standard for streaming and, more recently, e-Learning localization. That alone explains why an in-depth look at these formats was the most popular blog post of 2018. 

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Happy holidays & best wishes for 2019!

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