Subtitling & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

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November 28, 2018
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Captioning and subtitling workflows have strict processes and technical specifications for integration. Minor issues during setup, in fact, can lead to caption and subtitle tracks that don’t display properly – or don’t appear at all. That means that thorough project scoping is critical to the success of video localization and accessibility projects. Not sure what information you need to get an accurate quote?

This post provides JBI Studios’ Subtitling, Captioning & Video Localization Quote Checklist, an easy-to-use table with the information you need to quote your projects properly.

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Why does accurate quoting matter for captioning & subtitling?

Captioning and subtitling have never been as ubiquitous, accessible and cost-effective as they are today. Legislation has mandated these services in multiple locales, and streaming platforms and digital cinema packages have made integration to content much more seamless and scalable. But that also means that there are many caption and subtitle formats (scores, in fact), with varying capabilities, as well as deliverable options – and each one has a specific post-production workflow. Setting up the wrong deliverable or missing specific format outputs can lead to increased costs and production delays. And of course, if workflow issues aren’t caught before integration and release, it can lead to serious audience usability problems. Accurate quoting is critical to avoiding these kinds of issues.

How can a checklist help video localization and accessibility?

Aside from deliverable, each video localization and accessibility project has its own unique requirements. That can include everything from replacing on-screen titles or forced narratives, to capturing output and stylistic formats for burned-in video deliveries. A thorough quoting process is critical to ensuring that the full scope of each project is covered and addressed before production starts.


And of course, our checklist will also help you streamline the project setup process, minimizing the back-and-forth that can happen during multimedia localization.

Download JBI Studios’ Subtitling & Video Localization Quote Checklist today! 

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