Voice-over and Video Dubbing Services

From our Los Angeles studio and through a worldwide network of in-country partners, JBI Localization offers professional, high-quality voice-over and video dubbing in Spanish. Our native Spanish voice talents with dubbing experience are adept at recreating your project’s original performance.

Why should you localize your voice-over in Spanish? 

Spanish is spoken by over 418 million native speakers in Latin America, and 46 million in Spain. That’s a combined native-speaker population of almost half a billion people. Spanish is the second-most spoken language worldwide. Almost 90% of those speakers live in Latin America and the United States. Despite the regional variations in vocabulary and colloquialisms, Latin American Spanish voice-over is standardized, so that a “neutral” audio recording can be used for most of the continent for corporate, business, and e-Learning content. That makes translating for this region incredibly cost-effective.

Large corporations with multinational workforces must localize their e-Learning and training materials for their employees in Latin America and Spain in order to ensure legal compliance. No matter the size of the company, no international players can forgo localization into Spanish.

Additional Spanish Localization Services

In addition to voice-over and video dubbing services, JBI Localization also provides Spanish localization services such as subtitling, graphics localization, and translation.

That means we can process all the elements in your videos and multimedia, including on-screen titles, embedded & motion graphics, screen activity captures, forced narratives, captions, and any other content. All with the quality and accuracy that’s JBI’s signature.


Why Us?

JBI Localization has over 25 years of experience with Spanish-language voice narration projects, such as e-Learning courses, corporate videos, webinar presentations, and commercials. We’ve created proprietary production processes to guarantee the quality and consistency of every Spanish voice-over recording. Moreover, we work with our clients to custom-build localization solutions that meet all of their expectations, for all types of multimedia content and for all budgets.

JBI’s expertise with foreign-language voice-over, video dubbing, and multimedia localization services will guarantee that you’ll deliver your high-quality localization project on time and on budget.