Voice-over and Video Dubbing Services

From our Los Angeles studio and through a worldwide network of in-country partners, JBI Localization offers professional, high-quality voice-over and video dubbing in Korean. Our native Korean voice talents with dubbing experience are adept at recreating your project’s original performance.


Why should you localize your voice-over in Korean? 

With approximately 76 million speakers, Korean is the seventeenth most-spoken language in the world. More importantly, South Korea is thriving – it has the fourth-largest economy in Asia by nominal gross domestic product, and the eleventh largest worldwide. It is one of the fastest-growing developed countries in the world, in part because of its technology sector.

Localizing sales content into Korean – everything from online marketing videos to TV and radio spots – gives businesses access to this booming market. Moreover, translating e-Learning, IVR audio, and new media products is crucial for manufacturing or IT operations in the region.

Additional Korean Localization Services

In addition to voice-over and video dubbing services, JBI Localization also provides Korean localization services such as subtitling, graphics localization, and translation.

Our localization team is composed of experienced subtitle translators, spotters, and video editors who will ensure that your final videos are linguistically and technically accurate. And our accessibility team includes experienced Korean linguists and editors who’ll ensure that your localization projects are faithful to your content.


Why Us?

We’ve produced high-quality Korean localization projects for over 25 years from our studios in Los Angeles. That includes training courses, corporate webinar localization, marketing videos, and e-Learning modules.

As a multimedia localization studio, JBI is set up to process all the elements in your videos, including on-screen titles, embedded & motion graphics, screen activity captures, forced narratives, captions – and any other content. Our producers will create a workflow customized specifically for your content, ensuring that all elements are processed rapidly and cost-effectively.