Voice-over and Video Dubbing Services

From our Los Angeles studio and through a worldwide network of in-country partners, JBI Localization offers professional, high-quality voice-over and video dubbing in Haitian Creole. Our native Haitian Creole voice talents with dubbing experience are adept at recreating your project’s original performance.


Why should you localize your voice-over in Haitian Creole? 

Haitian Creole is spoken by approximately 12 million people worldwide, and it is an official language of Haiti. While most native speakers live in Haiti, Haitian Creole is spoken in Cuba and, in particular, the Dominican Republic, where it is the second most-spoken language. There are also large numbers of Haitian Creole native speakers in the United States and Canada.

Localization into Haitian Creole is crucial for organizations and government agencies that need to reach out to the millions of Haitians living around the world and in Haiti. Likewise, voice-over translation is a scalable way to localize corporate communications, how-to instructional media, and e-Learning courses to reach the Haitian market.

Additional Haitian Creole Localization Services

In addition to voice-over and video dubbing services, JBI Localization also provides Haitian Creole localization services such as subtitling, graphics localization, and translation.

Our team is comprised of experienced translators, editors and language experts who assure the translations are correct both from a linguistic and technical perspective. By choosing us for your Haitian Creole localization needs, you will join a long list of satisfied, happy clients.


Why Us?

JBI Localization has over 25 years of expertise with Haitian Creole voice-over production and multimedia localization. During that time, we’ve developed proprietary processes to ensure the quality and accuracy of every audio production. That includes training courses, corporate webinar localization, marketing videos, and e-Learning modules.

Our client-centered service ensures that you get a workflow custom-built for your project’s budget and timeline. Ensure the success of your next multimedia localization project with JBI Localization.