Voice-over and Video Dubbing Services

From our Los Angeles studio and through a worldwide network of in-country partners, JBI Localization offer professional, high-quality voice-over and video dubbing in German. Our native German voice talents with dubbing experience are adept at recreating your project’s original performance.


Why should you localize your voice-over in German? 

Worldwide, there are 95 million German native speakers and 115 million second-language speakers. This means German is at number eleven in the list of most-spoken languages in the world. Moreover, Germany has the largest economy in all of Europe, and the fourth-largest in the world by nominal gross domestic product.

Localizing your corporate presentations, online marketing videos, and TV and radio spots into German gives you access to this thriving market. Moreover, translating your e-Learning, IVR audio, and new media products is crucial for business operations in the country.

Additional German Localization Services

In addition to voice-over and video dubbing services, JBI Localization also provides German localization services such as subtitling, graphics localization, and translation.

Our team is comprised of experienced translators, editors, and language experts who assure the localizations are correct both from a linguistic and technical perspective. By choosing JBI Localization for your German subtitling needs, you will join a long list of satisfied, happy clients.


Why Us?

We’ve produced high-quality German localization projects for over 25 years from our studios in Los Angeles. That includes training courses, corporate webinar localization, marketing videos, and e-Learning modules.

Our proprietary production processes guarantee the native fluency and consistent quality of every production. And our client-centered service ensures that you get a workflow custom-built for your project’s budget and timeline. Ensure the success of your next multimedia localization project with JBI Localization.