JBI Studios' Blog on Voice-Over, Dubbing, and Multimedia Localization.

June 5, 2017

3 times when subtitles background boxes are great for localization

One of the greatest challenges in subtitles localization is legibility, or making sure that the subtitle can be read by all users. This basically breaks down […]
June 1, 2017

What “neutral” means in a foreign-language voice-over context

The word “neutral” gets used quite a bit in the voice-over world, especially in the context of foreign-language accents. But what does it mean exactly? Is […]
May 30, 2017

5 Tips to Casting Dubbing Voice-Over Talents for E-Learning Scenarios

Lip-sync dubbing for e-Learning and skills training scenarios is one of the most labor-intensive multimedia localization services. This is true as well of the casting process, […]
May 25, 2017

Moving captions & subtitles to the upper third – what, why & how

Moving any captioning and subtitling to the upper thirds of the frame is a critical part of video translation, ensuring readability and accessibility. But what does […]
May 22, 2017

Five Basic Steps to Kick-Start Your Voice-Over Acting Career

Voice-over (VO) actors bring video game characters to life; they give you directions via your GPS device; they voice upbeat radio jingles and guide you through […]
May 18, 2017

3 Tips for Lining up Untimed Voice-Over Audio Translations to Video

Text expansion is one of the greatest hurdles to recording foreign-language voice-over for video and animations. This is especially true when the localized VO is recorded untimed – […]
May 15, 2017

3 Time-Code Errors that Kill Subtitles Translation Projects

Captioning and subtitling are now a must for any video production project – many countries require captions and subtitles for the hearing impaired (SDH), and subs […]
May 11, 2017

When subtitles and voice-over make a great combo localization option

It makes sense to think of voice-over dubbing and subtitling as completely distinct localization options. After all, they generally cover the same content (dialogue, narration and […]
May 8, 2017

Subtitles Translation 101: Time-Stamping, Time-Coding & Spotting

Time-stamping, time-coding, and spotting are all crucial parts of audio and video workflows, especially for captioning and subtitling services and translation. The terms also get confused […]